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Creating a climate culture is a matter of leadership

Today, people, organizations, and governments feel responsible to reduce global warming and make an impact. We want to help them to be as effective as possible and create a “climate culture” in their organizations.

the people behind the academy

Who we are

At the Climate Academy, we offer programs to help our clients, partners, teams, and network to get a deeper understanding of climate change and its implications. We believe that tackling climate challenges is first and foremost a matter of leadership. That’s why we started running workshops on “Leading to Learn and Change”. These workshops were so well received that we began adding more offerings.
Matthias Ehrhardt in auditorium whilst teaching

what we offer

Workshop Leading to Learn and Change

Leading to Learn and Change is our introductory workshop. It’s 2 to 4 hours and covers basics on learning and dealing with change: How can we foster a climate mindset? How can we get our people on board, and spur change? This workshop is offered as a stand-alone workshop to get familiar with the basics, or as a kick-off to subsequent, more intensive programs such as the TCLP or custom programs.
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The Climate Leadership Program (TCLP) with certificate

This program equips leaders from climate startups and company initiatives as well as CSO (chief sustainability officer) with a deep understanding of climate change, a toolkit to tackle and solve challenges, and shows them how to make a positive and lasting impact in their organizations. It is delivered in two ways: In person: 3-day workshop. Online: eight 2.5-hour online sessions.

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Custom Programs

Our custom programs are geared towards organizations who really want to create and commit to a climate culture and unleash their company's full potential. They are 6 to 12 months and consist of a mix of in-person workshops, online sessions, and concrete and relevant company projects that the participants tackle along the way. These programs allow companies to foster a climate mindset, significantly reduce their carbon footprint, establish a better understanding and communication about their specific purpose and impact, and thrive in their day-to-day and long-term business.

what people say about us

Best sustainability & climate change leadership program out there

Our participants love our programs. Not only because of the innovative content and insights, but also because of the way they are delivered: maximum interaction, value, and fun.

What is your Why? What Does a World That Works for Everyone Look Like for You? How will you get to the Symbiocene? If you do not know or are just thinking about it now, do not know what the Symbiocene is then The Climate Leadership Program (TCLP) is for you. You will learn about the ecological phenomenon that is not taught in school and receive the tools and empowerment to create a sustainable climate culture in your organization and, ultimately, the lifestyle you desire.

An image of Marc Buckley

Marc Buckley
United Nations Advocate for the SDG's & Environmentalist

the teachers

Meet some of our facilitators and coaches

An image of Matthias Ehrhardt

Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Ehrhardt

Academic Director

An image of Verena Lauffs

Verena Lauffs

Facilitator & Change Expert

An image of Jodok Batlogg

Jodok Batlogg

Serial Entrepreneur

An image of Maks Giordano

Maks Giordano

Digital Strategist & Keynote Speaker

An image of Marc Buckley

Marc Buckley

United Nations Advocate for the SDG's & Environmentalist