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An image of the FBG Klostertal forest

FBG Klostertal

An image of the FBG Klostertal forest

Facts and Stats

  • 1,448 ha project area

  • Feasibility study carried out in 2021

  • Status: Preparation for certification under way


The Klostertal forestry association covers an area of 1,448 ha and comprises the shaded mountain forests of the Dalaas and Klösterle municipalities, as well as the Stuben agricultural community. These forest areas are two-thirds protective forest and one-third commercial forest. The great importance of these forests lies in the protection of settled areas against avalanches and mudflows. Sustainable use of the forests can also provide valuable raw material in the form of wood. Based on current economic plans, 5000 m3 of wood can be used annually by the forestry association, corresponding to around 310 truckloads. A forester is employed by the Klostertal Forestry Association for the management of these forest areas. This forester coordinates the reforestation, maintenance and utilization measures in the area, as well as essential infrastructure maintenance in the form of forest roads.