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SILVACONSULT joins forces with Tree.ly

2023. 11. 13.


Image of Fiona Batlogg

Fiona Batlogg

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On November 14, 2023, the acquisition of Silvaconsult AG by Tree.ly was officially signed. This acquisition grants Tree.ly exclusive rights to the SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard according to ISO 14064-2, creating an ideal starting point to further advance forest climate protection in Europe.

"SILVACONSULT lays the foundation for developing externally certified standards to future-proof the monetization of ecosystem services. Our vision is to provide the best climate protection platform for forest owners and collaborate with companies to secure financial resources needed to protect and expand Europe's key carbon store – the forest."

Jodok Batlogg, Founder and CEO

Reasons for Acquiring SILVACONSULT AG

Immediate Competitive Advantages

Since Tree.ly's founding in 2021, SILVACONSULT and Tree.ly have been collaborating, with existing projects already developed using the SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard methodology. With the acquisition, the methodology and naming rights of SILVACONSULT AG are transferred to Tree.ly. We will now jointly develop the methodology further, including adapting it for new project types such as reforestation projects. This enables Tree.ly to have a greater impact in the world of forest climate protection and offers companies a diverse portfolio for support.

Expanding the Project Portfolio and Expertise

Through this acquisition, we can offer our customers immediate, reliable projects in multiple countries. With over 30 international reference projects, including forest reserves, our expertise and project portfolio are further expanded. This sets the right course to promote transparent and regional forest climate protection in Europe.

Additional Professional Expertise in the Tree.ly Team

With the acquisition, Dr. Hubertus Schmidtke, founder of SILVACONSULT AG, becomes part of the Tree.ly team, serving as a "Senior Forest Expert" and new shareholder, actively contributing to operations. Dr. Schmidtke founded SILVACONSULT AG in 1999 as a consulting and technical office in the forestry sector. For over 20 years, SILVACONSULT AG has been active in forest climate protection, developing and evaluating projects on nearly all continents, and in methodology development. Together with experts like Univ. Prof. Dr. Hubert Hasenauer and Dr. Georg Erlacher, Tree.ly is excellently positioned to implement climate protection projects in European forests.

We look forward to working together to secure and expand the forest as a carbon storage!

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