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Our Sustainability Principle: The Path to Net-Zero

Our Goal: Actively contribute to solutions for the global climate crisis. Global warming requires more than compensations. We rely on proactive CO₂ avoidance and reduction.
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Our Principles

Our efforts are focused on developing an advanced digital platform for precise data collection and monitoring of our projects. External validations by accredited auditing organizations such as TÜV Austria contribute to the comprehensive transparency of our forest climate protection projects.
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Authentic Climate Protection with Impact: Against Greenwashing

Valueless certificates are useless for all parties involved and affect the company's reputation.

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Abandoning offsetting: New perspectives in climate protection

It's time to change our mindset and no longer harm the climate without justifying ourselves.

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Yes to Carbon Contribution

Voluntary Contribution through Support of High-Quality Climate Protection Projects.

The roadmap

Four Steps on the Path to Net-Zero

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Offsetting vs. Contribution

Credible & sustainable concepts are needed now

Beyond 'Ton by Ton': Our approach to creating real change goes beyond cheap CO₂ credits. With the 'Contribution Model', we rely on CO₂ pricing for residual emissions and finance transformative climate projects.
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status quo

Why Offset Alone is Insufficient for Holistic Sustainability

The offsetting model alone is not sufficient to offset the impact of our activities on the environment. While the Kyoto Protocol laid the foundation for offsets, our vision extends beyond.
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Helle Hintergrundformen
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The transformation

The Contribution Model: Strengthening Climate Protection through Financing

We drive positive change by supporting high-quality climate projects through financial contributions. This complements existing reduction efforts, focusing on forest climate protection with social and ecological value.

The old approach

The Limitations of CO₂ Offsetting and their Consequences

Beyond 'ton by ton': Our approach to creating real change goes beyond cheap CO₂ credits. With the 'Contribution Model', we rely on CO₂ prices for residual emissions and finance transformative climate projects.
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The new approach

Innovative Responsibility: Supporting Realistic CO₂ Prices and Transformative Projects

Real transformation beyond the 'ton by ton' mentality. 'Money per ton': Companies set CO₂ price for residual emissions. A foundation for supporting pioneering climate protection projects outside the own value chain.

Direct Comparison

Offsetting vs. Contribution Model in Climate Strategy


Old approach

Offset your own CO₂ footprint

This approach is outdated and does not achive the necessary changes against the climate crisis.

Ton for Ton

Only compensation, no reduction and no avoidance

Focus on one metric: the CO₂ footprint

Purchase of cheaper CO₂ credits, mostly far away without measurable impact

Race to the bottom


Contribution model

new approach

Contribute to the global sustainability goals

Tree.ly works with this approach.

Money for Ton

Compensation in addition to avoidance and reduction

Focus on measures that are as effective as possible and diverse key figures

Investment in adequate, regional climate protection projects with measurable impact

Race to the top

Shared Responsibility

"Tree.ly stands for climate protection through the preservation of European forests. This entails sustainable forest management and regional collaboration."

Picture of Christian Lutz

Christian Lutz
Co-founders of Tree.ly

Learn more

Blog Post Series on the Contribution Model

In our four-part blog post series, you will learn more about the benefits of the Contribution Model.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: Contact the Tree.ly Team

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Part 1

Why the current compensation modell is failing us.

The issue with climate neutrality is that this 'neutrality' is difficult to define, measure, and prove.
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Part 2

A new approach to climate protection

The consequences of global warming depend on how effectively and efficiently measures to mitigate climate change are implemented.
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Part 3

The Benefits of Contributing to Climate Protection Projects

In this article, we explain the benefits of the contribution model, how this approach provides solutions to current issues, and how it has a more positive impact on our climate.

Part 4

4 ways to become a climate change leader

To become a climate leader, use these recommendations to implement the contribution approach in your company's climate strategy.

Our Portfolio

European Forest Climate Protection Projects

Our methodology currently covers project types of 'stock enhancement,' 'stock preservation,' a combination thereof, as well as 'forest reserves' and 'reforestation.' Contribute to an ecological future.
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Our Climate Protection Offer

We strive to continuously add new forests to our portfolio. This way, you can support climate protection projects in your area with real impact.
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