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Forest Carbon Projects - Local & Trustworthy

Enhance your sustainability strategy and support climate-resilient forestry with our high-quality carbon credits – your contribution matters.
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With your support the carbon storage potential of your local forest is unlocked

It's our collective duty to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Nature-based carbon sinks such as forests are a key component in mitigating the damaging effects of climate change. Yet, without immediate action, we risk losing 77% of forest carbon sink capacity by the end of the century. With your support, we empower forest owners to reverse this trend and secure the health of our forests.

Move beyond the basics by financing climate resilient forests.

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What we offer

The nature-based solution you were looking for


What we offer

TÜV-Verified Carbon Credits

Together with forest owners we develop climate protection projects in European forests. The positive effects on our climate are third party verified and audited by TÜV according to ISO 14064-2.

  • Local Climate Protection with proven additionality, 30 – 50y permanence and co-benefits

  • Proven project methodology with >30 projects executed

  • Transparently documented use of your funds

  • Compliant with common regulatory standards (SBTi, GRI, CSRD, GHG)

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Tree.ly's project portfolio

local projects

Support a project close to you

Make a real difference in Europe by supporting local projects. Choose local projects close to you over distant ones, and witness the impact of your contributions through firsthand visits to the project areas. Find a project in your region today.
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Benefits for you

Forest projects with reporting fit

Our credits are compliant with common regulatory standards and help you to go beyond with your sustainability strategy. You receive ongoing updates and communication support to make the most of your contribution.
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Example measurements for a Tree.ly project

Real Impact

Your contribution in action

With detailed investment plans from the forest owners we make sure that your contribution is reinvested into climate-resilient forest management. Every year the forest owner is obliged to submit a new plan detailing the use of the funds. This plan is made available for you to get a behind-the-scenes look and to use it in your communication.

genuine impact

Meaningful actions with your investment

Europe's forests, crucial for biodiversity and climate stability, are facing increasing threats due to climate change – bark beetles, extreme weather events and many more. Your contribution plays a key role in protecting these vital ecosystems. Find out how your support is used by the forest owners.
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Forest Restructuring

Spruce monoculture stands are being converted into climate-resilient mixed forests.

Sun and Seed Icon

Formerly damaged forest areas are being restored with climate-resilient tree species.

A regeneration icon

With measures such as browsing protection the rejuvenation of forests is supported.

A head with a leaf

Biodiversity is enhanced, dead wood is kept in the forest and wet lands are protected.

An axe icon on a wood trunk

More efficient and less damaging harvesting methods are used.

A protected forest
Protection Forests

The forests protective functions (reducing the risk of natural hazards) are strengthened.

A road in the forest
Forest Roads

Additional low-impact forest roads are built, making management more efficient.

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Letting our customers do the talking

"Supporting a forest climate project is a pivotal step towards a greener future. As the CEO of Tiroler Rohre GmbH, I take pride in this endeavor, which transcends CO2 offsetting. It's about preserving biodiversity and empowering communities. This initiative exemplifies how companies can embrace their responsibilities and drive positive change, especially in sustainability."

Picture from Max Kloger

Max Kloger
CEO Tiroler Rohre GmbH

"Choosing the right climate protection project can be daunting. To simplify this for our guests, we've meticulously evaluated Tree.ly's projects for their credibility and transparency. We're now thrilled to back one of Tree.ly's projects. Our hope is that our guests will trust in our choice and lend their support to this cause, contributing to environmental conservation."

Picture of Kilian Zinnecker

Kilian Zinnecker
Head of Sustainability Silvretta Montafon

A woman looking up in the forest

Explore climate strategies that go above & beyond

Discover success stories of companies making a real difference with their climate strategies.

hear from a forest owner

"The forest climate protection project allows us to finance the necessary forestry measures to rebuild our forests to be resistant and resilient, so they can fulfill their multifunctional tasks even under rapidly changing environmental conditions."

An image of Christoph Geier

DI Christoph Geier
Managing Director, Augustiner-Chorherrenstift Vorau


Explore our third-party verified projects

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Impactful European Project Portfolio

Our portfolio includes projects in European forests, initiated with a feasibility study. This study, using the forest owner's inventory data and stock modeling, explores project possibilities. A scientific certification document sets the stage for TÜV's validation. To bolster project integrity, TÜV undertakes an on-site forest inspection, a crucial step before confirming annual credit availability.
Example Tree.ly Projects
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Co-Benefits of our projects

Go beyond traditional carbon projects with initiatives that also nurture community development and biodiversity conservation, aligning your business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Your engagement in our projects offers co-benefits, creating a holistic environmental and social impact.

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Our projects deliver the impact and reliability you need for your climate protection investment. Reliable Quality, Tangible Impact. Fill out the form and get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.

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