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An aerial image of a forest
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What does Tree.ly do?

2022. 02. 07.


Andrea Blum

Andrea Blum

An aerial image of a forest

We work hand in hand with forest owners, combining deep knowledge and climate awareness with the very latest tech, to create a future worth living in.

Would you like to generate additional capital with your forest?

Do you want to play your part in a sustainable future?

The great CO₂ storage potential of forests is widely known. Less well-known is that this may also be a source of income to make forestry more profitable in today's world. We help bring additional money into your forest while realizing valuable climate protection services.

Regional and climate friendly

Carbon certifications are associated with high initial costs for forest owners and can be a complex maze to navigate. This is where Tree.ly steps in for forest owners as a reliable and experienced partner. As well as this, our technology makes it possible for forest owners to manage and easily maintain their forest as a CO₂ sink without high investment costs. We design climate protection projects that aim to optimize CO₂ storage potential and thus increase the removal of greenhouse gas emissions. The additional revenues generated by our carbon credits help forest owners ensure the ongoing sustainable management of their forest. To contribute to climate protection, additional annual revenue is to be used exclusively for forestry measures related to the forest area covered by the project.

High-tech solution for the climate

As a technology company, Tree.ly creates accurate biomass surveys via remote sensing with their proprietary machine learning models. This creates digital twins of forests using satellite imagery, LIDAR data, elevation level maps and tree species distribution maps. With Tree.ly's digital platform, you can access relevant key figures about your forest at all times. This technological solution can also be applied to very small areas and is scalable to the whole of Europe. This is a breakthrough climate tech which paves the way for an automated EU-wide forest inventory with multiple fields of application.

Tree.ly offers you:

  • Feasibility studies for specific implementation

  • Calculation of the CO₂ storage potential

  • Calculation of the ideal overall forest stock

  • Provision of relevant key figures for forest management

  • Tips for forest management optimized for carbon certification

  • Access to Tree.ly’s digital forest management platform

  • Organization and administration of the certification process

  • Organization of monitoring and auditing activities

  • Creation of a risk pool for damaging events

Increased income through climate protection services

In the first step, Tree.ly is serving forestry operations with an inventoried forest area above 500 hectares. However, in the near future, Tree.ly’s platform will enable whole forest inventory, thus opening up the possibility to small forest owners too. We are currently in contact with a large number of forest owners of all sizes. To date, we have already carried out feasibility studies for around 15,000 hectares of forest.

Tree.ly was founded with the aim of combining state-of-the-art technology, full transparency, and forest conservation, putting climate protection into practice through regional cooperation and financial viability.

It’s time for forest resources and good forestry practice to be truly valued and appreciated. You too can help drive climate protection and sustainable development in Europe. Let the forest work for you.

Claim your forest now.