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How Callirius Effectively Supports Projects

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Callirius AG


Climate Tech

Droneshot above the water and earth

Who is Behind Callirius AG?

About the Company

The Callirius team includes 13 employees based in Switzerland and Germany. Together, they bring over 100 years of experience in finance and banking. Their comprehensive expertise enables them to offer customized financing solutions through a data-based, scientifically substantiated, and regulatory-compliant approach.

Interested in Effective Climate Protection?

Contact one of our Experts

Maximilian Venhofen

Maximilian Venhofen
Carbon Sales Expert

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Climate Protection Projects Supported by Callirius

Callirius provides a platform to support effective climate protection projects. With Tree.ly, there is now also the opportunity to support regional projects.

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Diligent Quality Controls

The Callirius Quality Framework forms the basis for the quality assessment, in which projects are analyzed and evaluated.

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Focus on Nature-Based Projects

Callirius focuses on nature-based climate protection projects thanks to their scalability, and positive impacts on the climate, nature, and sustainable development.

Why Tree.ly

Support Sustainable Projects

For Callirius, supporting climate protection projects that are both - regional and effective - is of essential importance. Therefore, Callirius has opted for forest climate protection projects by Tree.ly, as their high-quality and effective work has been proven to make the forest ecosystem more climate-resilient.
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Independent Validation and Verification

With the science-based SILVACONSULT Carbon Standard and validation as well as verification by TÜV, Tree.ly projects are 100% transparent.

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Earmarked use of funds

The money goes directly to the forest owners, who reinvest them entirely in the maintenance and care of the forest.

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The forest climate protection projects by Tree.ly are local and offer added value for you and your environment.


The Supported Projects

The projects by Tree.ly have successfully passed the quality assessment by Callirius. The science-based methodology, independent validation and verification by TÜV, sustainable project development, restricted use of funds, and transparent communication are just some of the aspects that were decisive for Callirius.

European Project Portfolio

Callirius offers a selection of projects from the Tree.ly portfolio that are customized to the location of the interested party. This way, climate protection can be implemented directly in the region.
To the Project Portfolio
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"Supporting effective, regional climate protection projects is a matter close to our hearts at Callirius, and therefore we are very pleased about the collaboration with Tree.ly for sustainable forest management."

David Steinmetz

David Steinmetz
Specialist in Nature-Based Climate Protection Solutions

Act now!

Act Locally, Impact Globally

Find out how you can actively contribute to a livable future and support local projects.
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Impactful support

Support Regional Ecosystems

Join our mission to protect and make local ecosystems climate-resilient. With our CO₂ credits, you have the opportunity to invest consciously in a greener future, just like Callirius, taking responsibility for your immediate environment.

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Helle Hintergrundformen
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Take Responsibility

Take the next step

You now have the opportunity to take action. Choose effective climate protection in local forests. Make the first move, contact us, and learn more about our CO₂ credits and our TÜV-certified project portfolio.