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Celebration done! Now Give Back to the Planet

Our incredible Ibiza party emitted ca 112to of CO2, or 833kg/person. Now you can offset your emissions with Tree.ly’s TÜV-certified carbon credits from LOCAL forests. Todays Ibiza Team Offset Progress: 10.411kg of 112.000kg -> ●○○○○○ 10%

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Just do it. Support European forests now.

833kg of CO2 per person was the average emission for the Ibiza party (assumed flight from Berlin). Elevate your celebration in Ibiza by making a lasting impact through Tree.ly. Purchase high quality, premium carbon credits from European forests to offset your emissions. 100% of your contribution is forwarded to a specific forest owner, who must invest it mandatory in his forest, to make sure next generations still have forests ! You contribute to a greener future, protect precious ecosystems and empower local players. Make a difference today.

Estimated carbon footprint for your journey

  • Round-Trip Flight from Berlin: 650 kg CO₂ (Source: MyClimate)

  • Hotel Stay: 65 kg CO₂ (Source: Sustainable Hospitality Alliance)

  • Clubbing, Travelling, Food, Drinks: 60 kg CO₂ (Source: ChatGPT)

Ibiza Offset Progress: 10.411kg of 112.000kg -> ●○○○○○ 10%
Last purchase: ELICOTT FAMILY - THX ! Simply enter your €-amount please. Tax is added at checkout.


6,00 €/100 kg CO₂

ohne Steuern


833 kg CO₂


49,98 €

elevate your success

In Ibiza, a diverse group celebrates remarkable success amidst stunning beauty. United by love, they seek to elevate their celebration's significance. How? By making a lasting impact together.

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A group of lovely humans
Celebrating their success


Promote regional sustainability

Your investments help ensure that forests are preserved. This promotes climate protection, biodiversity, and the regional economy. In this way, you create jobs and contribute to sustainable production.


Direct Support for Forest Owners

Thanks to the additional sources of income, forest owners are no longer dependent on timber harvesting. Instead, they can invest more in the ecological measures of their forests, such as CO₂ storage or biodiversity.