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forest from above
Certification completedCredits available

Wilder Wald Hohenzollern

Support a natural forest project with double the amount of carbon and a commitment to wood usage reduction until 2070.

Projekt Infos

Projekt Fläche

153,92 ha


Sigmaringen, Deutschland 🇩🇪

Projekt Start Datum

Januar 2022

Projekt Zeitraum

50 Jahre

Projekt Typ

Forest Reserve

Projekt Entwickler

Silvaconsult AG, Winterthur


SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard, ISO 14064-2

TÜV NORD CERT GmbH - Silvaconsult logo


1.570 tCO₂/Jahr

Anteil Risikopuffer

10 %

Credits verfügbar

60 € /tCO₂

ohne Steuern


Preis inklusive Steuern: 72,00 €


With your support you help Wilder Wald Hohenzollern with sustainable forestry.

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Gain an insight into the most important milestones of this project.

15 March 2023

Credits available

Successful verification

The forest of Wilder Wald Hohenzollern climate protection project was successfully verified using the ISO-certified SILVACONSULT Carbon Standard® method. The credits from the verified carbon emission are now available for sale.

22 May 2022

TÜV Nord logo

Forest audit in the Wilder Wald Hohenzollern

In 2022, the project was assessed by TÜV Nord as part of an audit. The sustainable possibilities of the forest of Wilder Wald Hohenzollern were discussed between the forester and TÜV Nord on the sites.

5 May 2021

Feasibility study completed

In the feasibility study the project options for the Wilder Wald Hohenzollern forest were determined.

Forest Climate Protection Project

A forest with unique features

The Wilder Wald Hohenzollern, spread across 46 separate areas in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is distinguished by its evolution into a natural forest. Due to long-term, extensive restrictions on its use, this forest has achieved double the amount of carbon storage compared to managed forests. With a commitment to at least 50 years of abstaining from timber harvesting, the forest contributes to surpassing the political goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The uniqueness of this forest lies in its natural development, significant deadwood content, and the inclusion of organisms that are less common in managed forests, including woodpeckers and wood-decomposing microorganisms.

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Maximilian Venhofen

Maximilian Venhofen
Carbon Credit Specialist

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Natural Development and Biodiversity

The Wilder Wald Hohenzollern pursues a natural development, resulting in a diverse array of species. This contributes to the preservation of biological diversity and creates habitats for specialized animal and plant species.

Icon Tree Leaves
Carbon-rich Deadwood Ecosystems

By abstaining from timber harvesting, a unique abundance of deadwood is created in the forest. These deadwood ecosystems facilitate decomposition and provide habitat for numerous organisms that are crucial for the forest cycle.

Icon Earth & Sun
Sustainable Contribution to Climate Protection

The Wilder Wald Hohenzollern plays a key role in climate protection by acting as a significant carbon sink. The clear commitment to long-term timber abstinence and the promotion of natural processes are active measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving the net-zero target by 2050.


Meaningful actions with your money

The additional resources will ensure that the right measures can be taken for the forest to help it achieve climate stability.


Reforestation of former damaged areas is undertaken

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Measures such as browsing protection, regeneration promoting measures, etc.

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Biodiversity enhancement, deadwood, water protection


Protection Forests

Supporting the forest's protective function against avalanches, landslides, etc.

Problems of the forest

Insight into the challenges

To counteract the daily challenges in the forest and to create solutions for various problems in this forest, investments are used for the following issues.
Icon Wind, Storm
Storm damage

Forest management faces the challenge of dealing with damages caused by storms. The planting of trees in areas affected by storms requires significant resources and effort.

Icon Sun

Increasing drought poses a serious threat to the forest. Measures to adapt to this challenge, such as planting trees on dry areas, require financial investments despite the lack of direct returns.

Icon Beetle
Bark Beetle

The infestation of bark beetles presents another challenge threatening the forest. Resources that could be used in managed forests for profitable purposes are instead allocated to combating this pest in order to maintain the health of the forest.

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How does this project support the Sustainable Development Goals

Logo SDG 13

SDG 13

Measures for climate protection

The Nature Forest Project of the Wild Woods of Hohenzollern contributes to reducing CO₂ emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change by making a significant contribution to the preservation and revitalization of forests.
Logo SDG 15

SDG 15

Life on land

The Wild Woods of Hohenzollern contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 15 aims to protect life on land, preserve biodiversity, and promote sustainable forest management.


ISO 14064-2:2019 based Methodology

Our projects use the "SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard" methodology according to ISO 14064-2:2019, which ensures that companies follow transparent and consistent methods to measure and report their emissions.


Externally Certified Projects

In cooperation with our partner, we organize the validation of our projects by an external certifier such as TÜV Nord. We then coordinate the annual monitoring by the certifier as well as the marketing and distribution of the verified climate protection services (VER).

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