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Offer for Speedinvest portfolio companies

Take action now – let's protect our forests!

As a company within the Speedinvest portfolio, take proactive steps for real climate protection now: Invest in the preservation of our local forests. Every contribution matters! Our forests face challenges and serve as essential CO₂ storage. Learn how you can actively contribute to supporting the forests.

Challenges facing our Forests

Our forests need your support

Even though our forests may seem robust, the climate has its toll. Join us in creating a future full of biodiversity and support forest projects in your region.
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Increasing Temperatures

The rising temperatures put trees under stress, leading to a reduced growth rate and increased sensitivity to diseases.

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Extreme Weather Events

Due to climate change, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. The forest cannot adapt quickly enough to these changes.

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Mass Proliferation of the Bark Beetle

The bark beetle is one of the greatest enemies of our forests. Increasing drought and heat provide optimal conditions for the bark beetle to expand massively.

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Imbalance of the Ecosystem

If certain key species can no longer survive due to climate change, this has far-reaching consequences for the entire forest ecosystem.

Local Solution – Together for Our Forests

"Buying trees in Uganda far away doesn't appeal to me. But when I read about the lives of trees and my wife told me about Tree.ly, I found my local solution."

Picture of Michael Degenkolb

Michael Degenkolb
CEO "mal2 malen & mehr"

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Your support goes to this project

Stand Montafon

The forests of the Stand Montafon region play a crucial protective role for the inhabited valley. Your support contributes to ensuring climate-friendly forest management.

Support the Stand Montafon project now

Transparent CO₂ credits with real impact

Support the Montafon Forest Climate Protection Project by purchasing certified CO₂ credits. 100% reinvestment ensures targeted use of funds. A meaningful contribution to climate protection.

10% Discount for Speedinvest Portfolio Companies

Make a Contribution Now: Instead of €60/tCO₂, only €54/tCO₂.

You need more information?

We always look forward to a conversation with you.

Picture of Bernhard Elkuch

Bernhard Elkuch
Specialist with CO₂- Projects

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Direct Engagement

Our customers follow the contribution model where they invest directly in transparent and effective climate protection projects instead of focusing on their CO₂ footprint. They pursue a comprehensive climate strategy, which consists of four steps:

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Climate Strategy

1. Create a climate balance & reduction plan 2. Avoid emissions 3. Reduce emissions 4. Support climate protection projects

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Priority on Climate Protection

On average, companies contribute **€5,000/year**, but of course, each company is free to determine the appropriate budget. We prioritize avoiding and reducing emissions before financially supporting climate protection projects.

Direct Comparison

Tree.ly vs. Other Providers

At Tree.ly, we prioritize transparent and externally audited climate protection projects that focus on impactful contributions rather than just offsetting carbon footprints.
Tree.ly Approach Compared to Other Providers

Our Portfolio

European Forest Climate Protection Projects

With our credits, you ensure that the valuable work in Europe's forests continues. The proceeds go directly to the forest owners and are specifically invested in the forests in your region. This way, climate-resilient forests can be preserved and expanded.
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Our Climate Protection Offer

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Use the button to get in touch with our team directly. We are continuously working to add new forests to our portfolio so that you can support climate protection projects in your area with real impact.
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