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Support the preservation of regional forests develops regional forest climate protection projects in managed forests and offers added-value carbon credits for sustainability-conscious companies.
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CO₂ credits from your region

We only offer CO₂ credits from regional forestry projects in Europe.


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Help us protect our forests and reduce your carbon footprint in order to secure a sustainable future.

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ISO 14064-2:2019 based methodology

Our projects are based on the methodology "SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard" according to the ISO 14064-2:2019 standard, which provides the exact framework for carbon offset projects in terms of quantification, monitoring and reporting in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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External certified projects

Together with our partner we organize the validation of the projects by an external certifier (e.g. TÜV Austria). Furthermore, we coordinate the annual monitoring of the certifier as well as the marketing and distribution of the verified climate protection services (VER).


Our climate protection offer in Europe

By purchasing our credits, you support the valuable work in Europe's forests. The revenue goes directly to the forest owners and is used for the preservation and expansion of climate-resilient forests.

Project in your region

Support a project in your region. These projects were developed in close cooperation with forest owners to plant climate-resistant species, improve forest management, increase the natural CO₂ sink and create habitat for native species.

Example project Stand Montafon
Example portfolio of the Voarlberger Forest

Portfolio of forestry projects

Maximize the impact of your investment by purchasing a high-quality portfolio carefully selected for project characteristics such as location, type of activity, and associated CO₂ impacts. By supporting multiple forestry projects, you can spread your investment more widely and increase the reach of your money.

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Certified Carbon credits

Our credits are VERs - Verified Emission Reductions. These are sold to climate-conscious companies on the voluntary market for CO₂ credits. CO₂ credits have a steering effect for climate neutrality.

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Practical additions to the basic product

The forest has countless benefits for the environment and people, including climate regulation, air purification, water cycle regulation, biodiversity, recreation and source of raw materials. With our value-added services, we aim to bring the important ecosystem services of the forest to the forefront. Possible additional services are site and project dependent.

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Additional revenue from the sale of carbon credits allows the forestry operation to invest in forest management and, above all, to ensure a clean forestry industry with sufficient forestry personell.

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Hubert Malin
Stand Montafon


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Dealing with CO₂ emissions and voluntary climate protection services

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