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Climate protection on your doorstep – Regional and European.

We are driving measurable climate protection and sustainable development in Europe. Compensate your CO₂ emissions with, by protecting forests – not a thousand miles away, but in your own region.
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We offer carbon credits from verified forest projects right here in Europe, enabling sustainable action in your own backyard.


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Help us protect our forests and reduce your carbon footprint in order to secure a sustainable future.


What we offer

Help make the forests in your region climate fit. Regionalise your sustainability contributions by supporting local forest projects and optimise your forest management.

Support regional projects

Our projects were developed closely with forest owners with a strategy to plant climate-resistant species, improve forest management, increase the natural carbon sink and boost biodiversity for native species.

Example project
Example portfolio of the Voarlberger Forest

Optimised portfolio curation

Maximise your impact by purchasing a portfolio of high-quality forest projects. Portfolios are thoughtfully curated based on project attributes like location, activity type and the secondary impact of each project. portfolios are an exceptional way to increase your sustainable impact by supporting multiple regional projects.

Customised project development

We configure our forest carbon projects in close cooperation with partners on the ground. Our large portfolio of partner projects means you can minimise your risk while maximising your spread and the extent of your sustainable impact.

Examples of project developments


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