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Climate Protection in the Mountains

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Silvretta Montafon


Tourism/Cable Car

Trees with snow

Who is behind Silvretta Montafon

About the company

Silvretta Montafon is a full-service provider on the mountain, offering an experience in the heart of the Alps – all year round. With 35 cable cars and lifts as well as 141 slopes, Silvretta Montafon provides an unforgettable mountain adventure. Silvretta-Montafon GmbH is actively engaged in climate protection. Through the Green Mountains Initiative and supporting a climate protection project by Tree.ly, the company makes a significant local contribution.

Interested in Effective Climate Protection?

Contact one of our Experts.

Maximilian Venhofen

Maximilian Venhofen
Carbon Sales Expert

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Green Mountains

The 'Green Mountains' initiative focuses on the responsible management of flora and fauna and increasing energy efficiency, with the expansion of sustainable energy sources as a priority. The goal is to become the cleanest ski area and strengthen regionalism.

Icon with person on a cable car
Local Energy

The cable cars in Montafon primarily use solar and photovoltaic systems for their operations. Additionally, they exclusively use eco-friendly electricity sourced from Vorarlberg.

Why Tree.ly

Regional Climate Protection in the Ski Resort

Through collaboration with Tree.ly, Silvretta Montafon takes responsibility for preserving the natural environment and invites guests to be part of this important mission.
Icon wiht Person riding the skis
Climate Protection Initiative at the Heart of the Ski Resort

The forests of Montafon are a central component of the ski resort and essential for a sustainable and vibrant tourism experience. Silvretta Montafon recognized the importance of supporting these forests and consciously decided to make a local contribution.

icon with mountain and flag on top
Climate-Optimized Management

The forest is an important CO₂ sink, and through the collaboration between Tree.ly and Silvretta Montafon, additional forestry measures can be implemented. This partnership creates a climate-resilient, species-rich forest that ensures its diverse benefits for the region and the tourism area in the long term.

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Trusted CO₂ Credits

When selecting their climate protection project, Silvretta Montafon places great emphasis on transparent use of funds and trustworthy partners. Tree.ly has been identified as a partner who meets all these criteria.

The Supported Project

The Stand Montafon in Vorarlberg

The forests of Stand Montafon, the green backbone of Montafon in western Austria, are essential for protecting the region. Near to these vital forests lies the tourism and recreation area of Silvretta Montafon, a hub for sports activities and excursions. Faced with the challenges posed by climate change to the forests, Silvretta Montafon GmbH has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting climate-resilient forests through voluntary financial contributions. This initiative is an important signal for the preservation and enhancement of these crucial natural resources.
More about the Project
step woods

"It can often be challenging to navigate through the multitude of climate protection projects and make decisions when someone wants to contribute financially. To relieve our guests of this task, we have carefully examined the project for its credibility and transparency. We hope that our guests trust and support us."

Kilian Zinnecker

Kilian Zinnecker
Head of Sustainability

Trees in autumn with snow-capped mountains in the background.

Silvretta Montafon in the autumn

Snow-covered firs in bird's-eye view

View from the Valisera Cable Car

View an snow-covered trees with mountains

Silvretta Montafon

Spruce tree in the foreground with snow-covered mountains in the background.

The snow-covered mountains of Silvretta Montafon

snow-covered trees

Snow-covered trees in Montafon

Act now!

Act Locally, Impact Globally

Find out how you can actively contribute to a livable future and support local projects.

Impactful support

Support Regional Ecosystems

Join our mission to protect and make local ecosystems climate-resilient. With our CO₂ credits, you have the opportunity to invest consciously in a greener future, just like Silvretta Montafon, taking responsibility for your immediate environment.

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Take Responsibility

Take the next step

You now have the opportunity to take action. Choose effective climate protection in local forests. Make the first move, contact us, and learn more about our CO₂ credits and our TÜV-certified project portfolio.