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Team Tree.ly 2024
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Another Milestone for Tree.ly



Bettina Fuhrmann

Bettina Fuhrmann

Team Tree.ly 2024

In business to protect european forests

We are proud to announce today that we secured a 5 million euro seed investment from PortfoLion, aws Gründungsfonds, Symbia VC, and the Tyrolean Business Angel Network. As mentioned by our lead investor PortfoLion: we face another record-breaking year of heat and unrelenting carbon emissions, the urgency to find effective climate solutions has never been greater. We need to ask ourselves, can the same market-driven forces that fuel economic prosperity be redirected to safeguard our planet?

Carbon Offsets: A Private Market Solution

Voluntary carbon offset markets (VCM) offer a promising private sector tool to combat carbon emissions. These markets generate credits through activities like tree planting and preventing deforestation. Companies purchase these credits to meet climate goals, offsetting emissions they can’t eliminate directly.

Jodok Batlogg, co-founder and CEO of Tree.ly explains, that

“The market for voluntary emission certificates will grow to 15 billion euro globally and 3 billion euro in Europe within 5 years, with a strong trend towards regional and high-quality projects. Tree.ly’s certified projects are the perfect response to this. As one of the fastest-growing technology companies in this field, this investment will significantly accelerate growth in our European markets, strengthen Tree.ly’s technological leadership, and drive the development of new forest-based climate protection offerings"

A Local, Transparent Solution: Our Impact and Vision

In just one year, Tree.ly has secured contracts covering 105,299 hectares across Europe, storing over 2.8 million tons of CO₂. Our community-driven model shows that local engagement and high standards can create substantial climate impact.

We are currently addressing these challenges with a pioneering approach to forest-based projects in Europe. Founded by our CEO’s, Co-Founders and tech entrepreneurs Christian and Jodok, Tree.ly collaborates with forest owners, municipalities, corporates, and citizens.

Why Tree.ly?

Observed by Aurel Pasztor, Partner at PortfoLion Capital Partners, who led the funding round: >“The voluntary carbon markets demonstrated their potential to provide direct funding for climate change projects. Beyond multinationals, SMEs worldwide are now interested in financing nature-based climate projects in their local areas. However, concerns about poor quality project management and related controversies are holding them back. We believe that well-monitored local projects represent a significant business opportunity. With deep roots in forest science and digital technology, the Treely team is ideally positioned to lead this effort as a pioneer in Europe"

His opinion is also reflected in the statement of Markus Jandrinitsch, Managing Director of aws Gründungsfonds: "We are excited to be part of an innovative Austrian startup with our investment in Tree.ly [..] Our decision to invest in Tree.ly is based on their unique ability to create both ecological and economic value. By supporting regional forests across Europe, we are contributing to combating climate change and promoting biodiversity. In addition to the exciting and sustainable business idea, we were particularly impressed by the founders and the team."

What Tree.ly stands for:
  • High quality & high integrity: Third-party certified and annually audited by TÜV, our projects undergo rigorous monitoring. Our long-standing and scientifically proven methodology is ISO-certified ensuring additionality preventing leakage with implemented measures to manage permanence risks.

  • Regional impact: With Tree.ly, European companies can invest in climate protection projects in Central Europe, with many close-to-home engagement opportunities, such as educational forest visits.

  • Tech expertise: We use geospatial engines, ML-powered stock measurement, species detection, and stock change modeling.

We are excited to be supported by impressive partners and are confident that we can reach the next level of impact together. Thank you for your trust in Tree.ly - we look forward to continuing and accelerating our mission, unlocking the full potential of European forests.