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Support the forests of Stand Montafon by purchasing TÜV Austria certified CO₂ credits. The financial resources are reinvested 100% directly into the forest. In this way, you make a significant and measurable contribution to climate protection.

Our forests are threatened and at the same time one of the most important CO₂ sinks. But you can take active steps against it: A principle related to forest climate protection is to first avoid emissions, then reduce them, and finally contribute to our local forest projects.

CO₂ footprint examples:

  • 1 round trip car journey from Vienna to Bregenz with a mid-sized car corresponds to approximately 441 kg of CO₂ (~€26.-)

  • 1 flight from Zurich to Barcelona corresponds to 390 kg of CO₂ (~€23.-)

  • 1 flight from London to New York City corresponds to approximately 1.6 tCO₂ (~€96.-)

  • Natural gas bill for, e.g., a 70m² apartment consuming around 9,000 kWh per year with 200 grams of CO₂ per kWh, which amounts to 1.8 tCO₂ (~€108.-)

  • Average CO₂ footprint per person in Austria per year: 14.8 tCO₂ (approx. €888.-)

Climate Calculator by WWF - Flight Calculator

Make your contribution now: Simply enter the amount in euros and click on "Checkout." The CO₂ credit will be instantly delivered via email.


€6.00/100 kg CO₂


1,000 kg CO₂




CO₂ Credits

Regional Forest Climate Protection

Traditionally, forest owners generate their income primarily through the use of wood. At the same time, the forest provides other valuable ecosystem enables forest owners to generate additional income by increasing the forest's CO₂ storage capacity. This increases the natural CO₂ sink, promotes biodiversity, and preserves the forest for future generations. 100% of the revenue is used for regional forest climate protection projects.

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How do forest owners use the climate protection contribution?

The climate change mitigation contribution will be used to secure the stock commitment, which means creating climate-adapted and resilient forest stands on the project site.

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Is there any risk to the validity of the credits?

No, because credits are issued retroactively for successfully completed years, and never for a bet into the future. e.g., in 2023, only certified credits from 2022 will be offered.

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How is the climate effectiveness of the credits guaranteed?

Through the durability of a 30-year project life, additionally through reduced timber use, 100% reinvestment of revenues, and consideration of the entire project area to avoid leakage.

A panorama over the alpine city Bludenz
Stand Montafon

6.470 ha

Montafon, Vorarlberg

Status: Certification Completed

Feasibility study: 2021 Completed

About the project

Stand Montafon

"Additional income from the sale of CO₂ credits enables the forestry enterprise to invest in forest maintenance and, above all, to ensure "clean forestry" with sufficient skilled forestry personnel."

Hubert Malin, Forest Operations Manager, Stand Montafon

    Forest Project Description
    In the middle of the Montafon forest

    In the middle of the Montafon forest

    Panorama photo of Montafon

    Panorama photo of Montafon

    Forest and mountains

    Forest and mountains

    View of the mountains

    View of the mountains

    Sitting circle in the forest

    Sitting circle in the forest

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      Growing trees
      Growing trees