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Generate additional revenue with your forest gives forest owners a way to profit from their forests, that doesn’t involve cutting down trees and selling them. We help forest owners manage their properties in a sustainable, CO2-sequestration-optimised manner, to get one step closer to our common goal: Carbon Net Neutrality.

Map with an example project, which shows that an example project makes 390.000€ additional revenue per year
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how it works

Start earning money with your forest

After you have signed up your forest with, we will analyse its characteristics and devise a personal plan to optimise your forest's carbon storage.

Based on this analysis, will calculate your yearly additional carbon storage potential.

At the end of the year, will determine how much additional carbon has actually been protected and will issue the corresponding number of certificates.

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Leave everything to us does all the accounting and documentation, certification, and validation for you.

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Get paid annually with no costs to get started

Our forest owners earn money annually from the start and are completely flexible with no upfront or running costs.

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Get the optimal price

Our platform connects forest owners with carbon buyers at the optimal price.

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Sign Up and get started easily

With our user-friendly platform, it's easy and fast to sign-up and claim your forest.

Forest with Fog

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Your forest valuation – for free and just a few steps away

To get your forest evaluated, just follow these simple steps:


Decide the acreage of forest you want to manage sustainably


Receive an estimate of the certificate value


Sign and start earning

Forest with Fog

Get started with enables you to manage your forests sustainably, participate in carbon projects and generate an additional source of income. In doing so, you help to keep our planet liveable – now and for future generations.

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Example Project

5,200 ha

Vorarlberg, AT


Additional yearly revenue for forest owner

example project

Optimised Forest Management

Our CO2-optimised forest management projects focuses on improving the forest's growth rate to maximise the amount of carbon stored in the biomass.

This project protects an additional 15,014 tCO2 per year.

This is equivalent to:

Driving around the earth equator 3,070 times

Flying from Paris to London 81,598 times

Hiring 5 new employees