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Partners partners with a community of climate action leaders to conduct climate protection projects in European forests.

About working together

Collaboration is the key to success, especially in the field of conservation. It grants access to pooled expertise and know-how, enabling the realization of high-quality projects. Conservation projects are intricate and demand diverse expertise. Through partnerships, knowledge aspects are augmented, diverse perspectives are incorporated, and access to essential resources is facilitated.
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Forestry partners

ISO Certified methodology


Silvaconsult is the ISO 14064-2 certified methodology for our projects. It ensures impactful climate protection projects.
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Environmental planning with foresight

TNL Umwelt has partnered with TNL Environmental Planning, a strong ally in climate protection. With 30+ years' experience in environmental planning, 5 German locations, and a dedicated team of passionate environmental experts.

20+ years gis experience

INTEND Geoinformatik has forged a partnership with INTEND Geoinformatik, an organization with an impressive track record of over 20 years in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With a highly proficient team of over 50 specialists, INTEND specializes in crafting tailored software solutions for government, private sector, and municipal forestry, as well as the wood industry. INTEND's products are utilized daily by over 8,500 users to optimize the management of more than 3,5 million hectares of forested landscapes.
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Transparent, measurable local projects


OCELL, a Munich-based climate-tech startup, creates transparent, measurable and effective local climate projects. They use aerial photos, diverse data sources, and AI to build "digital twins" of forests. This informs optimal forest management for increased carbon storage. OCELL manages 350,000+ hectares of sustainable forest land across eleven countries.

Reseller partners

Marketplace for impactful projects


Callirius is the bridge between private financing and climate mitigation. Callirius aims to transform nature into a valuable asset class by bringing private capital directly to effective, high-impact, high-quality nature-based solutions that restore and enhance nature and biodiversity. Quality is defined based on a scalable data-driven, science-backed, and regulated approach. The Callirius Quality Framework identifies, assesses and ensures an overall positive impact on climate, nature and society. Through fund solutions, Callirius enables financing for effective nature-based climate projects today for the scale needed tomorrow.
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Measurable, High-Impact Projects

Turn to Zero

The companies within the turn to zero community are united by a common goal: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero or to the minimum technically possible by 2040. An annual greenhouse gas inventory checks each company's progress towards this target. Expert events and a progressive network inspire and support the companies in implementing further reduction measures. turn to zero provides access to climate protection projects around the world, as well as to the regional projects of, which protect the planet and create social value.
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