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Generate additional revenue with your forest gives forest owners in Europe a whole new way to profit from their forests. We help forest owners to manage the CO₂ potential of their trees to optimize carbon sequestration, bringing us all closer to a sustainable future.
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Map with an example project, which shows that an example project makes 38.400€ additional revenue per year
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Start earning money with your forest

After you have registered your forest with, we will analyze its characteristics in a feasibility study and work with you to design a suitable forest carbon offset project.

In the course of this, will calculate your annual CO₂ storage potential.

At the end of each year, will evaluate whether the goals of the forest climate protection project have been achieved and issue aswell as sell the corresponding number of credits.

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Leave everything to us does all the accounting and documentation, certification, and validation for you.

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Get paid annually with no initial costs

Our forest owners earn money annually from the start, with no upfront or running costs.

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Get the optimal price

Utilising our carbon buyer network, forest owners get the best price possible.

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With our user-friendly platform, it's easy and fast to sign up and claim your forest.

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Your forest valuation – for free and just a few steps away

To get your forest evaluated, just follow these simple steps:


Kick-off your carbon project

Sign up and select your forest parcels on our platform



In this phase, we evaluate the potential of your forest. In the end, you’ll know the potential earnings and the stock range for optimal forest growth.



Sign your contract, start earning money and start your contribution to a sustainable future.


Get started with enables you to manage the CO₂ potential of your forest, participate in carbon projects and generate an additional source of revenue. In doing so, you keep your forest financially viable while guaranteeing a liveable planet for future generations.
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Discover the potential of your forest

Enter the approximate size of your forest and get a rough estimate of the potential earnings via e-mail.

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Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Forest

Your forests ecosystem services are valuable. Calculate the potential earnings of your forest with our easy-to-use form. Get a picture of the financial benefits your forest can provide in just a few simple steps. Start unlocking its hidden value today.
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Example Project

520 ha

Vorarlberg, AT

€ 36.500

Additional yearly revenue for forest owner

sample project

Optimised Forest Management

Our CO₂-optimised forest management projects focuses on improving the forest's growth rate to maximise the amount of carbon stored in the biomass.

This project protects an additional 1,040 tCO₂ per year.

    Claim my forest and start earning money

    Supported by government funding is supported by the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the promotional bank of the Austrian federal government (AWS). We have secured Green Preseed funding, which will support our mission to build Europe’s #1 platform for CO₂-optimised forest management.

    In addition, is a participant of the first pioneer:impact - the Accelerator of the Impact Hub Tirol and the Werkstätte Wattens as well as the Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator (CDR) of the European Union.

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    Logo of the European Knowledge and Innovation community focused on Climate Change
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    media coverage in the news Article

    In this article, Patrick Dax from writes about how helps forest owners to earn extra money to keep their forests climate resilient in the long run. Video Interview

    At DLD Munich 2022, our founder Jodok shared how forest owners can generate additional income with

    Trendingtopics Article

    About 48 percent of Austria is covered with forests, forests play an important role to solve climate change. Read more about forests and how works.

    Austrian "Waldzeitung"

    The "Kleine Waldzeitung" provides information about forests, the environment and nature conservation. In the first issue 2022 is an article about, the climate protection capabilities of forests and the CO₂ credit market.

    Die Presse: The Forest needs Love

    The performance of the ecosystem is now a value: through the carbon tax and CO2 certificates, the forests in Austria can grow new even without logging for firewood and construction timber.

    Reiter Magazin

    An interview from Reiter Magazin: "We can increase CO₂ compensation from 7% to 12% with the forest in Europe," says Jodok. The forest owners are thrilled. They get a new source of income and improve the status of their forests at the same time.

    Wirtschaftspresse Agentur

    The reports on the nearly 30,000 tons of CO₂ that can store in the forest with forest owners and why it is important to us to connect forest owners with regional companies.


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