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Forest Climate Protection Projects with Guarantee: The Role of TÜV Austria



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We will not be able to completely eliminate our emissions in all areas. Climate protection projects are, therefore, a meaningful complement to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. TÜV AUSTRIA places emphasis on verifying projects based on their additional v

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Fleischanderl

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Fleischanderl
Director of Environmental Protection Business Unit

Forests play a crucial role in climate protection efforts, acting as significant carbon sinks in both their timber stocks and soil. They make a substantial contribution to reducing CO₂ emissions. At, this valuable CO₂ sequestration performance is rewarded through regional forest climate protection projects. The funds generated enable forest owners to actively promote the transformation of their forests in the context of climate change. The impacts of climate change can pose threats to forests, such as high levels of damaged wood or calamities that endanger natural or artificially induced forest rejuvenation. This underscores the importance of such projects to give forests long-term resilience and strengthen their role as climate protectors. Only through targeted measures and investments in climate protection can we protect the valuable ecosystems of our forests and preserve them for future generations. To ensure transparency of the forest climate protection projects in the portfolio, the projects are audited and certified annually by TÜV Austria.

To ensure transparency of the forest climate protection projects in the portfolio, the projects are audited and certified annually by TÜV Austria. For an insight into this process, the latest TÜV audit was documented with a camera. In this exciting round, Walter Amann from FBG Jagdberg, Christian Lutz & Jodok Batlogg from, and, of course, TÜV Austria take us along and share what happens during an audit. Join us as we explore the forest together:

Are you interested in a forest climate protection project? Feel free to contact us!

TÜV Certification Process for CO₂ Sequestration Performance

1. Theoretical examination of the project area:

The TÜV certification process begins with the written part of the audit to ensure a successful project. Relevant information about the timber stock on the area, forest inventories, forest management plans, and action plans are collected. Subsequently, using the "SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard" methodology based on ISO 14064-2:2019, the CO₂ sequestration performance and a project scenario for the next 30 years are determined.

The audit process lays the foundation for a successful project implementation by identifying potential risks and supporting sustainable goal achievement.

2. Verification of the actual forest area:

During the further course of the audit, a thorough inspection of the existing stands covering all stages of forest development takes place. Different aspects are carefully considered, including tree species compositions, rejuvenation situations, and wildlife populations for the coming years, as well as potential risk potentials. The comprehensive evaluation allows for a comprehensive picture of the project area and identifies potential courses of action.

After successful TÜV certification, sells the climate protection contributions (CO₂ credits/VERs) to the forest owners. This gives forest owners the opportunity to generate additional income and manage their forests in a climate-friendly manner in the future. At the same time, environmentally conscious companies have the chance to purchase "Verified Emission Reductions" (VERs) and actively contribute to climate protection. This creates a mutually beneficial partnership that benefits both forests and the climate.

Curious to know how high the CO₂ sequestration performance is in your forest? Contact us at or register your plots here.

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