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Andrea Blum

Andrea Blum

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The forest and its CO₂ storage potential together with its protection, utility and recreational capabilities is a valuable resource and the basis for many people’s livelihood. We ensure the preservation of the forest by using state-of-the-art technologies and through the execution of regional CO₂ projects with forest owners. These projects lead to a better forest structure, increase the climate resilience of the forest and optimize the CO₂ storage potential. stands for

  • preservation of forests

  • modern technologies

  • regional cooperation

  • climate protection

  • transparency and fairness

  • reliable partnerships with forest owners

And why do we need

In Europe, forests have an immense, untapped climate protection potential. They compensate for about seven percent of emissions in Germany. stands up for forest – our basis for life – and create opportunities for everyone to participate in climate protection by supporting forest owners in the sustainable management of their forests. We ensure that this valuable resource is preserved for us as well as future generations. We use state-of-the-art technologies to create incentives for modern and sustainable forest management., allows regional forest owners to receive fair compensation for their positive contribution to the environment in the form of CO₂ credits. With regional projects, we ensure that emissions are compensated right where they occur, contributing to the consistent, sustainable management of forests. This way, we can have the biggest impact on stopping climate change. For a sustainable, livable and just world.