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City of Bludenz

On 1,942 ha, the attention is paid to a forest that is as stable as possible and adapted to the site, and silvicultural concepts are used to work towards this goal

Facts and Stats

  • 1,942 ha project area

  • annual sink capacity of 2 097 tCO₂ for 30 years, making a total of 62961 tCO₂

  • Feasibility study carried out in 2022

  • Status: Certification in progress


The Forestry Operation of the City of Bludenz is directly subordinated to the City Office Directorate Bludenz in the Department of Property Management; Forestry and Agriculture. The main tasks of the forestry operation are the preservation of forest assets through sustainable management, as well as the achievement of stable, species-rich and site-adapted mixed stands. This is to ensure the multifunctionality of the forest, especially the recreational and protective functions, as well as a high-quality drinking water supply for future generations.

sustainable development goals

How this projects supports the SDG’s

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Measures for climate protection

The forestry enterprise of the City of Bludenz commits itself not to let the average stock on its areas fall below 300 Vfm/ha for the next 30 years. This means that a considerable part of the stock will be left in the forest and will not be reduced to the minimum proposed 274 Vfm/ha.
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Life under water

With 10 ha of aquatic areas, the forest operation contributes to the conservation of these important habitats. In addition to flowing and standing waters, significant marsh and swamp areas are also found.
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Life on land

On the areas of the forestry operation of the City of Bludenz three nature reserves, or Natura2000 areas can be found. These are "Spirkenwälder Brandnertal", "Klostertaler Bergwälder" and "Verwall". Each of these areas contributes with its specific microclimates to a high biological diversity.