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City Dornbirn

1,205ha of forest, that's about a tenth of the area of the city of Dornbirn which is covered with forests. Learn more about the forest climate protection project of the city of Dornbirn.

Facts and Stats

  • 1,205 ha project area

  • Feasibility study carried out in 2021

  • Status: Preparation for certification under way


How this projects supports the SDG’s

We're committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in all our forest carbon projects, directly and indirectly, because they are important to us, the people we serve and provide a great framework to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
The icon of SDG 11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities"

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

This municipal forestry organisation works hard to secure the protective, welfare, recreational and habitat functions of their forests, in recognition of their key role in protecting the city and its environmental wellbeing.

The icon of SDG 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production"

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

The forest organisation’s running costs are covered by operating income; for seasonal utilisation equipment and personnel, external contracts are also taken on from smaller forest owners.

The icon of SDG 13 "Climate Action"

SDG 13

Climate Action

Latest measurements show that the forests managed by Stadt Dornbirn result in a creditable sink capacity of ~70 000 tonnes of CO2 over 30 years. Additionally, the foresters here are adapting by planting new tree species which are more resilient to the changing conditions.

The icon of SDG 15 "Life on Land"

SDG 15

Life on Land

By keeping most of the surface area of the municipality of Dornbirn covered in trees, this ensures the health of the forests for many generations to come, while protecting the city from urban sprawl.