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FBG Jagdberg

With your support, we can take appropriate steps to improve the forests of the FBG Jagdberg.
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Project Infos

Project Area

1,709 ha



Project Start Date

January 2022

Project Time Span

30 years

Project Type

Active Forest Management

Project Developer

Tree.ly, Dornbirn

Verification Standard

SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard, ISO 14064-2


Project Volume

6,846 tCO₂/year

Risk Buffer Share


Credits available

Project documents


TÜV Certificate

€60 /tCO₂


With your support you help FBG Jagdberg with sustainable forestry.

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The beautiful treetops of the FBG Jagdberg

The beautiful treetops of the FBG Jagdberg

Walter Amann and Leander Christof in the middle of the forest

Walter Amann and Leander Christof in the middle of the forest

Drone shot over FBG Jagdberg

Drone shot over FBG Jagdberg

 Forest regeneration in the forests of FBG Jagdberg

Forest regeneration in the forests of FBG Jagdberg

View into the rear Walgau

View into the rear Walgau

Shallow water biotope in the forest

Shallow water biotope in the forest

Forest Climate Protection Project

A forest with unique features

The members of the FBG Jagdberg are the agricultural communities Bludesch, Dünserberg, Röns, Schnifis, Schnifisberg and Thüringen as well as the municipalities Bludesch, Bürserberg, Düns, Satteins, Schlins and Schnifis. By intensifying sustainable and near-natural management of the forests, which are often overaged, the protection forest areas in particular are rehabilitated and stabilized for future generations.

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Bernhard Elkuch

Bernhard Elkuch
Business Development

icon hand wit plant
Close-to-nature forest management

At FBG Jagdberg, the focus is on the long-term sustainability of the forest. The primary objective is to use the natural resources of the forest in such a way that the integrity of the ecosystem is preserved and future generations can benefit from it as well.


Due to its nature-oriented management, the forest of the FBG Jagdberg boasts a wide variety of plants, animals, and habitats. This results in an optimal biodiversity.

icon halbe welt mit bäumen
Natural processes

In the forest stands of various municipalities and agricultural communities, a focus is placed on natural processes. Thus, deadwood, nesting tree hollows, and natural forest regeneration hold special significance.


Insight into the challenges

Reconstruction of unsuitable forest stands

Woodland stands that do not correspond to the ongoing climate change are actively transformed using future-oriented methods. Special emphasis is placed on selecting suitable tree species, with the goal of establishing stable, resilient, and future-ready mixed forests.

Regeneration of overaged protection forests

The protective forests play a special role at FBG Jagdberg, as they are of significant public interest. The task here is to rejuvenate the aging forest stands with suitable and location-adapted tree species and to ensure sustainability for stability.

globe with flame
Climate change

Due to the ongoing climate change, there is a transformation occurring in forest communities. This means that heat-loving and drought-tolerant tree species are replacing less adapted ones. In order for this transition to take place without the loss of various forest functions, it is important to make the right decisions and act accordingly.

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Voices from the Forest

"To be able to invest directly in the quality and stability of the forest, the additional revenue is a very valuable contribution."

Walter Amann

Walter Amann
Forest Operations Manager FBG Jagdberg


How this projects supports the SDG’s

Logo of SDG 4, Quality Education


Quality Education

By regularly offering educational events and establishing an interactive 'Forest Knowledge Path' within their operation, FBG Jagdberg contributes to promoting high-quality education aimed at sustainable development.
Logo of SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 12

Sustainable Consumption and Production

By intensifying a sustainable and close-to-nature management of these often very old forests, protective forest areas in particular are revitalized and stabilized for future generations.
Logo of SDG13, Climate Action

SDG 13

Climate Action

Recent measurements show that the forests managed by FBG Jagdberg provide a creditable sink performance of ~88,000 tons of CO₂ over 30 years. In addition, foresters here are adapting by planting new tree species that are better able to resist the changing conditions.
Logo of SDG 15, Life on Land

SDG 15

Life on Land

At ecologically particularly valuable sites, the FBG Jagdberg has chosen to establish so-called stepping stone biotopes. These areas are subsequently taken out of use, scientifically assessed, and examined. Furthermore, the FBG Jagdberg places great importance on preserving deadwood, nesting tree cavities, and veteran trees. A multitude of these ecologically valuable trees has been mapped and marked.

ISO 14064-2:2019 Based Methodology

Our projects use the "SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard" methodology according to ISO 14064-2:2019, which ensures that companies follow transparent and consistent methods to measure and report their emissions.


Externally Certified Projects

In cooperation with our partner, we organize the validation of our projects by an external certifier such as TÜV Austria. We then coordinate the annual monitoring by the certifier as well as the marketing and distribution of the verified climate protection services (VER).

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The contribution goes directly to the FBG Jagdberg and is invested into measurements to make the forest future-proof.

CO₂ footprint examples:

  • 1 round trip car journey from Vienna to Bregenz with a mid-sized car corresponds to approximately 441 kg of CO₂ (~€26.-)

  • 1 flight from Zurich to Barcelona corresponds to 390 kg of CO₂ (~€23.-)

  • 1 flight from London to New York City corresponds to approximately 1.6 tCO₂ (~€96.-)

Climate Calculator by WWF - Flight Calculator

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€6.00/100 kg CO₂


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Sustainable Forest Climate Protection Projects


TÜV certification underscores the effectiveness and reliability of our efforts to combat climate change and preserve our valuable forests. It is proof of compliance with the highest quality standards and the transparency of our CO₂ storage and forest management measures.


FBG Jagdberg TÜV certificate