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An image of the FBG Klostertal forest
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FBG Klostertal

Steep terrain, Excellent timber quality, Challenging management situation
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Project Infos

Project Area

1,510 ha



Project Start Date

January 2022

Project Time Span

30 years

Project Type

Active Forest Management

Project Developer

Tree.ly, Dornbirn

Verification Standard

SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard, ISO 14064-2


Project Volume

7,449 tCO₂/year

Risk Buffer Share


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TÜV Certificate


The forestry association Klostertal comprises the shaded mountain forests of the Klostertal valley of the municipalities of Dalaas and Klösterle and the agricultural community of Stuben. These forest areas are 2/3 protection forest and 1/3 commercial forest. The great importance of these forests lies in the protection of the settlement area against avalanches and mudflows. The sustainable use of the commercial forest areas is an attempt to finance the costly maintenance of the protection forests. A forester is employed by the Klostertal forestry association to manage these forest areas. The forester coordinates the reforestation, maintenance and utilization measures. An essential part is also the maintenance of the infrastructure in the form of the forest roads.

Quote from the Forest Owner

"We invest the additional income through the forest climate protection project with Tree.ly generally in the maintenance of the forests but mainly to be able to react faster on small calamities."

Martin Bertsch

Martin Bertsch
Forest Operations Manager FBG Klostertal


How this projects supports the SDG’s

We're committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in all our forest carbon projects, directly and indirectly, because they are important to us, the people we serve and provide a great framework to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
The icon of SDG 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth"


Decent Work and Economic Growth

The neighbouring areas of Dalaas, Klösterle and Stuben decided to jointly manage their forestry operations in a form of community cooperation. The Klosteral forestry cooperative (FBG) was founded in early 2022 under the motto "Together we are strong", aiming to promote the economic wellbeing of all members.
The icon of SDG 13 "Climate Action"

SDG 13

Climate Action

Latest measurements show that the forests managed by FBG Klostertal sequester 3,500 tonnes of CO₂ per year. Additionally, the foresters here are adapting to climate change by planting new tree species which are more resilient to the changing conditions.
The icon of SDG 11 "Sustainable Cities and Communities"

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The forests of FBG Klostertal are playing a crucial role in protecting the people who live in the Klostertal. These protection forests help in the case of avalanches or rockfall, and do so better than any technological solution.
Tree Seedings

Tree Seedings

Tree tops in the forest of FBG Klostertal

Tree tops in the forest of FBG Klostertal

Martin Bertsch of the FBG Kostertal

Martin Bertsch of the FBG Kostertal

The steep forests of the FBG Klostertal

The steep forests of the FBG Klostertal