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A picture of the FBG Klostertal Wald
Certification completedCredits available

FBG Klostertal

This project includes the shady mountain forests of the Klostertal valley in the municipalities of Dalaas and Klösterle and the agricultural community of Stuben.

Project Infos

Project Area

1,510 ha


Klostertal, Österreich 🇦🇹

Project Start Date

January 2022

Project Time Span

30 years

Project Type

Improved Forest Management - Conservation

Project Developer

Tree.ly, Dornbirn

Verification Standard

SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard, ISO 14064-2


Project Volume

7,449 tCO₂/year

Risk Buffer Share


Credits available

Project documents


TÜV certificate

€60 /tCO₂

not including tax


Price including tax: €72.00


With your support you help FBG Klostertal with sustainable forestry.

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Seedlings from above

Tree Seedings

Treetops in the forests of the FBG Klostertal

Treetops in the forests of the FBG Klostertal

Martin Bertsch of the FBG Klostertal

Martin Bertsch of the FBG Klostertal

The steep forests of the FBG Klostertal

The steep forests of the FBG Klostertal



Gain an insight into the most important milestones of this project.

01 February 2023

Credits available

Successful Verification

FBG Klostertal's climate protection project was successfully verified using the ISO-certified SILVACONSULT Carbon Standard® method. The credits from the verified carbon emission in 2022 are now available for sale.

29-30 November 2022

TÜV logo

Forest Audit in the Forest of FBG Klostertal

In winter 2022, the project was assessed by TÜV Austria as part of a two-day audit. The sustainable possibilities of the forest of Bludenz were discussed between the forester, TÜV Austria and Tree.ly on the sites.

31 January 2022

Feasibility Study Finalised

The project options for FBG Klostertal were determined as part of a feasibility study. FBG Klostertal decided in favour of a stock conservation project for at least 30 years in which carbon is actively conserved in the forest.


Meaningful actions with your money

The additional resources will ensure that the right measures can be taken for the forest to help it achieve climate stability.
Forest Restructuring icon

Forest Restructuring

Monoculture stands are being converted into climate-resilient mixed forests.

Reforestation icon


Reforestation of former damaged areas with near-natural and different tree species to increase biodiversity.

Regeneration icon


Measures such as browsing protection, regeneration-promoting measures, etc.

Nature conservation icon


Biodiversity enhancement, deadwood, water protection.

Protection icon

Protection forest

Supporting the protective function of the forest against avalanches, landslides, etc.

Harvest icon

Timber harvesting

More expensive timber harvesting due to difficult accessibility, support by expensive technology such as cable cranes, etc. is made possible. Regular maintenance interventions can be carried out.


Forest Infrastructure

Accessibility is improved by forest infrastructure.


Insight into the challenges

In order to counteract the daily challenges in the forest and create a solution to multiple problems in this forest, investments are used for the following problems.
Beetle icon
Damaged Wood

Insects, fungi and other pests can infest entire forest areas and weaken or kill trees. Dead trees lose their ability to store carbon and thus contribute to the release of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

Mountain icon
Difficult Access Situation

Due to the topographical location, timber harvesting and processing requires a great deal of labour and expensive technology

Climate change icon
Climate Change

Climate changes such as altered precipitation patterns, higher temperatures and extreme weather events affect the health and growth of forests. They become more susceptible to diseases and their ability to store CO₂ is impaired.

Support FBG Klostertal


How this project supports the SDGs

We're committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in all our forest carbon projects, directly and indirectly, because they are important to us, the people we serve and provide a great framework to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
The logo for SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth


Decent Work and Economic Growth

The neighbouring municipalities of Dalaas, Klösterle and Stuben have decided to manage their forestry operations in the form of a forestry business association. The Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Klosteral (FBG) was founded at the beginning of 2022 under the motto "Together we are strong" in order to promote the economic well-being of all members.
The logo for SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The forests of the FBG Klostertal play a central role in protecting the inhabitants of the Klostertal. These protective forests provide better protection in the event of avalanches or rockfall than any technical solution.
The logo for SDG 13, climate action

SDG 13

Climate Action

The climate protection project and the commitment not to fall below a certain stock level within the next 30 years will help to preserve the carbon sink in the forest.

ISO 14064-2:2019 based methodology

Our projects use the "SILVACONSULT® Forest Carbon Standard" methodology according to ISO 14064-2:2019, which ensures that companies follow transparent and consistent methods to measure and report their emissions.

TÜV logo

Externally certified projects

In cooperation with our partner, we organize the validation of our projects by an external certifier such as TÜV Austria. We then coordinate the annual monitoring by the certifier as well as the marketing and distribution of the verified climate protection services (VER).

Man in the forest

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