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Protecting our forests that protect us

Tree.ly connects forest owners with companies, helping forest owners earn extra income by managing forests for climate resilience. Companies can purchase high-quality CO₂ credits, backing forest owners and showing their commitment to measurable climate protection.
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Forest as CO₂ hero

Why is investing in our forests so important? The forest ecosystem is one of the largest CO₂ reservoirs on our planet. This CO₂ reservoir is coming under increasing pressure and suffering the consequences of climate change. Research by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna shows that 1 euro invested in a forest has the same "protective quality" as 150 euros invested in technical solutions. Together for the preservation and expansion of sustainably managed forests.
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Generate additional revenue with your forest

Until now, you have had to primarily cut down and sell trees for income from your forest. At the same time, your forest provides valuable ecosystem services. Tree.ly enables European forest owners to generate additional annual income from their managed forest through CO₂ storage. This guarantees the continuity of the forest ecosystem for future generations.

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Climate protection - regional and European. Right where you are.

We drive measurable climate protection and sustainable development in Europe. With CO₂ credits from Tree.ly, you can have a measureable and positive impact on the development of regional forests. The funds are invested 100% purposefully in the project forests. Shape the future together with us. Invest in climate protection projects in regional forests, support the work of forest owners and contribute to achieving your climate goals.

why support a tree.ly project

"By supporting a forest climate project, we're shaping a greener future. As CEO of Tiroler Rohre GmbH, I'm proud of this initiative, which not only offsets CO₂ but also protects biodiversity and strengthens communities. This collaboration shows companies can meet responsibilities and foster long-term positive change through sustainability."

An image of Max Kloger

Max Kloger
CEO, Tiroler Rohre GmbH

mission statement

Unlocking the full ecological and emotional potential of forests together

By connecting responsible forest management with businesses and enabling forest owner to monetize the valuable ecosystem services provided by the forest through data-driven technology and software.

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Certified CO₂ credits

Our credits are TÜV certified and verified according to ISO 14064-2:2019. Our goal is to unlock the full emotional and ecological potential of the forests. Together with forest owners and sustainability-conscious businesses, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment.

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Regional projects with added value

An investment in CO₂ credits from Tree.ly directly supports regional forest owners. No anonymous CO₂ compensation faraway, but concrete, verified, and purposeful measures.


The case is that forestry often cannot cover its costs, especially in these extreme locations, which we have to manage. We still expect the forest to perform multifunctional services.

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Walter Amann
Managing Director of Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Jagdberg

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​​Forest Climate Protection

For Forest Owners

Generate additional income with your forest by adding value to the ecosystem services your forest provides.
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CO₂ credits

For companies

By purchasing our regional CO₂ credits, you are actively contributing to the preservation and protection of our local forests for future generations.
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Supported by strong partners

We are grateful for the collaboration with our partners, recognized by the Federal Ministry as a Verified Social Enterprise, and working together for our forests.
TÜV Austria
Bundesministerium Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie … und FFG
Austria Wirtschaftsservice
Verified Social Enterprise
INTEND Geoinformatik
TNL Umwelt

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